It’s totally possible to go camping in Brooklyn. Here’s how.

Camping in Brooklyn

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My friend promised his fiancé there would be no strippers at his bachelor party. Which is how I found myself sparking a campfire right here in Brooklyn.

While this might not be the perfect weekend for camping, it is possible to heed the call of the wild without leaving the borough of Kings. Or doing anything that might jeopardize your marriage.

And we aren’t talking some illegal overnight deep in Prospect Park. We’re talking about a Sorta Outdoorsy spot at New York City’s very first airport—Floyd Bennett Field.

Floyd Bennett Field opened in 1931, but was sold to the Navy after the airport that would eventually become LaGuardia opened in 1939. A military air base during WWII and after, the 1,400-acres of runways, hangars and open space was eventually handed over to the National Park Service.

These days there are 32 campsites, with fire pits, BBQ grills, clean showers and restrooms just a short drive from Coney Island and the Rockaways.

To be sure, there is no mistaking this campground for Yosemite. In fact, you’re basically camping in a grove of trees that’s situated on a massive runway. But as unique ways to spend a night or two outdoors go, especially one you can access with a MetroCard, Floyd Bennett Field camping is hard to beat.

As is the price—$30 per night per campground covers six people in up to two tents. Floyd Bennet Field is open all year round, although it takes a hardy soul—and some serious cold weather gear—to camp in January.

You may notice that the rules state that alcoholic beverages are prohibited. The friendly young park ranger reminded us of this when we checked in, but quickly added that nobody would be around after dark to enforce this rule. And as she said, nobody was.

After a night spent drinking under the Brooklyn stars, we enjoyed a sunny morning exploring the old hangers, which still house vintage planes and other gems from the golden age of aviation.

Trust us, it was way more memorable than most bachelor parties. Especially considering we could actually remember it.[email protected]

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