Calling all NYC yogis, swamis and didge dudes: there’s a new blog just for you

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Tyler Sussman and A.J. Block of the Didge Project, featured on Well+Goodnyc.

Whenever we find out about a promising new blog that has to do with Brooklyn, affordable anything, or a combination of those two, we feel the need to pass along the info. So here’s Well+Goodnyc, a new site dedicated to helping New Yorkers find accessible ways to feel, as the name suggests, well and good. Though the blog covers all of NYC, it has some fun Brooklyn-related items already. Currently, their top story is a feature on the adorable lads behind The Didge Project, a healing-through-didgeridoos org that we’ve been meaning to do something on. (Can someone PLEASE bring didge yoga to Brooklyn?)

There’s also this piece calling the “skegging” the new unitard of Brooklyn (And we thought it was something involving skateboards and Bud!) The blog also dares to answer the question of which yoga studios don’t smell totally gnarly; two they suggest are here in Brooklyn. Do we hear a third? There’s a woman from Bushwick who uses her juicer leftovers as a face mask, now that is definitely Brokelyn-approved since we have also been known to smear fruit over our faces. And strictly for voyeurs, a story on what a $900-a-month gym membership gets you. Unlimited personal training! That place isn’t in Brooklyn, which, given our finances, is all… well and good.

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