Calling all cargoes-and-camo diaper bag dudes

picture-52Wow, Brokelyn is looking pretty girly right about now with all these posts on fashion and moms and whatnot. So here’s something for the guys. Reader Jared Morris is trying to get together a group for stay-at-home dads, whose ranks he says are increasing because of the great you-know-what. “From my anecdotal experience talking to dads, and from pushing the stroller around, it seems there are lots more baseball caps and camo diaper bags at the parks whether by choice (I resigned, e.g.) or by circumstances not of one’s choosing (hearing more of this).” So here’s the pitch, gentlemen:

Are you one of the many fellas in the Prospect Park area raising a child at home, full-time or part-time? If so, and you’d like to meet up with some other guys and their kids for a couple hours on a weekday, give us a shout at [email protected]. At our mid-Sept. meeting at the park we’ll kick around ideas for some autumnal activities/play-dates. Meanwhile, we’ll trade paternal lore and give the sea of nannies something to wonder about.

And if you’re not a stay-at-home-dad but think the meetings sound kinda hot anyway… well shame on you!

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