By Brooklyn is expanding to Williamsburg to hopefully get fat and rich on tourist money

by brooklyn
All this Brooklyn stuff and more, now in Williamsburg. Photo by Carla Licavoli Photography, via Facebook

Making a thing in Brooklyn, or at least claiming that you do, has of course proven to be an incredibly good business model. So good, in fact, that there’s now a certification process to see HOW Brooklyn your product is and a store, By Brooklyn, that’s full of nothing but items that are made here. And now it turns out that By Brooklyn has done so well that they’re opening up a second location next weekend in Williamsburg, where they can vacuum up tourist cash with power comparable to the Mega Maid.

The news of the expansion comes courtesy of a press release, stating that on May 16, the second By Brooklyn will open its doors at 142 Grand Street. As is the case with the Carroll Gardens location, this By Brooklyn will be full items manufactured right here in Brooklyn, as opposed to say, “Made in Brooklyn” hats that are made in China like some other store offers.

In the press release, By Brooklyn owner Gaia DiLoreto noted that “Williamsburg is synonymous with Brooklyn around the world,” so it’s only natural that By Brooklyn open a location there. And don’t take our snark about sucking up tourist cash as a slight to By Brooklyn, we’d much rather see Europeans pouring off the L train shovel all of their money towards a store that actually supports local manufacturing as opposed to that ridiculous J. Crew.

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