Buy everything but love at Greenpointers Valentine’s Market

Actually, looking at all those hearts, maybe you can buy love here?

Ugh, Valentine’s Day, we know. Still, if the world is gonna pressure you to buy something nice, like so many overbearing mothers saying “When are you gonna give us some grandchildren?”, you may as well go beyond Hallmark and help out a fellow Brooklynite making something adorable. And you can do just that at this Sunday’s Greenpointers Valentine’s Market.

The market will happen Sunday, February 9 from 1pm to 9pm at the Greenpoint Loft (67 West Street). You can either bring your special someone(s) and stroll through the aisles with him or them, or you can go solo to go the surprise gift route. Either way, you can be sure you’ll find something better here than you will on Amazon or at Duane Reade.

strings and needles
For the Pulp Fiction superfan in your life

With dozens of vendors hawking their handmade wares, like Strings and Needles‘ pop culture-infused crocheted posters (above), you’re sure to find something you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Maybe even the perfect gift with which to say sorry about being generally terrible, but more specifically to say sorry for forgetting her birthday.

Nothing says "I love and value you and want you to stay alive" like a reflective ribbon from onetwothreespeed
Nothing says “I love and value you and want you to stay alive” like a reflective ribbon from onetwothreespeed

Of course, there won’t just be stuff to buy. While wandering around, you can take advantage of things like love letter writing, massages and couples astrology reading, which are all free, and keep yourself sated with food and drink from Brooklyn Brewery, Cafe Grumpy and Cafe Bogocit√°. Plus, there’s something new called “speed friending,” which is apparently like speed dating minus the pressure to decide if you want to bone the person sitting across from you, and instead just decide if you want to be friends with them. Valentine’s Day is all-around usually nothing to get excited about, so at least we’ve got this to look forward to.

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