Bushwick late night host Chris Rose bravely visits North Koreatown

New Yorkers are of course, familiar with the Manhattan’s Koreatown, land of great karaoke joints and Korean BBQ. Of course, unlike the actual Korea, Koreatown isn’t divided into North Koreatown and South Koreatown. Until now that is, with Late Night Basement host Chris Rose splitting the neighborhood at East 33rd Street into North and South Koreatown. Taking things a step further and playing off the recentĀ Vice series in which they visited North Korea, Rose sought people’s opinions on the differences between North Koreatown and South Koreatown, while asking if someone could smuggle him in to the North, before bringing a North Koreatown and South Koreatown resident together for a karaoke performance. Take five minutes and watch it, what the hell. You’re probably checked out for Memorial Day weekend anyway.

north koreatown

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