Bushwick Daily went to SXSW, saw some music and ate many tacos

diane coffee
Diana Coffee was at SXSW, being cool, eating tacos and playing in people’s yards. Photo by Maria Gotay, via Bushwick Daily

Hey, speaking of music festivals, as you may have heard, SXSW just went down. The festival, also known as “Austin’s Northside Music Festival” draws bands and music lovers from all over the country for a few days of kicking back with free booze, rock and roll and breakfast tacos. Official site of Brooklyn Youngs Bushwick Daily went there, as young people are wont to do, and came back with a ton of pictures and a playlist of who they think you should listen to.

Bushwick Daily sent three writers down to SXSW, who all seemed to have different experience levels with it. But whether first-timer or veteran of the music and branding show, they all ate their way through dozens of breakfast tacos and reported a feeling of warmth and friendship that you can only get when you get a bunch of drunken music lovers in a city with nice weather.

They’ve also got a playlist with their favorite bands from the festival, bands like Diane Coffee, La Luz, Together Pangea and The Districts. Sure you might not have heard of them yet, but we’ve got faith that Bushwick Daily has the kind of taste that means your friends will all be telling you about these bands soon, so you may as well get into them now. Check out the whole post for the playlist and for plenty of concert pictures that will make you wish you weren’t at work right now.

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