Experience 7 minutes in an ’80s Brooklyn crew in ‘Bury Me With the Lo On’

“We was the evolution of the street gangs of New York,” begins “Bury Me With the Lo On”, the seven minute, 45 second short film made up of home videos showing the Lo Lifes, the 1980s Brooklyn gang and OG Polo Ralph Lauren boosting crew, hanging around Crown Heights, Times Square and the subways in between. Even at just under eight minutes, the footage captures a story known internationally – the New York grit and authenticity, grime and crime that hurt the many, elevated the few and gave birth to hip hop – from the hyper specific angle of one crew.

The short film was uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube alongside the release of Lo Life founder Thirstin Howl the 3rd and photographer Tom Gould’s 276-page book by the same name of meticulously documented archival photos, interviews and recent portraits of some of the “key players” who’s early exploits still hold cultural clout all these years later.

The book costs $80 and may well sell out – the first edition sold out within three days. The short film is available for free

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