Building replacing Williamsburg White Castle will have 20 percent affordable apartments

781 metropolitan
We traded our sliders for this. Hope it’s worth it, New York. via Adam America

As we all know, Williamsburg lost a landmark fast-food operation this past year, as the White Castle on Metropolitan Avenue closed. It was sad that Brooklynites had one less place to go and get tiny hamburgers, but time makes ghosts of us all, so you move on. There’s something to look forward to though, since the boxy 81-unit apartment going up on the former burger site is going to come with 20 percent affordable apartment buildings in it. So you might be able to tell friends you live where they made the chicken jalapeƱo sliders, if you get lucky.

New York YIMBY spotted the rendering for the building going up at 781 Metropolitan Avenue, which they gave a glowing review to, calling it “handsome” and “aesthetically appealing.” Not that we want to quibble with their passionate, glowing assessment of the building, but to us it looks like the same boxy loft-style living you can find practically anywhere. We are not architecture experts though. Plus, aesthetic quibbles aside, 20 percent of 81 units is 16, so a handful of you will have cheap rent and get to live in a part of Williamsburg that’s far away enough from Bedford Avenue and close enough to Bushwick, for less than market rent. Still, will this addition to New York’s housing stock be worth the subtraction it caused in our tiny hamburger stock?

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