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Budin’s famous $10 latte is only $5 through September 20

buddin lakkris latte
It even comes on a silver platter! via Buddin

You know that super expensive, $10 latte in Greenpoint that everyone was talking about a few months ago? Well, if you didn’t want to shell out half an hour of babysitting cash for a fancy espresso drink, you’re in luck!

In honor of the second year of NORTH Nordic Food Festival (September 12-20), Greenpoint’s Scandinavian coffee shop Búđin (114 Greenpoint Avenue) will be offering their infamous Lakkris lattes at the highly discounted price of $5 for the duration of the festival.

The Lakkris latte is the most expensive latte in New York, and is made with things like rare Ethiopian coffee beans, anise syrup and raw licorice powder from Denmark, but you probably don’t know how it tastes because again, it’s $10. Starting Friday though and running until next Saturday, you can get it for the cost of two MetroCard swipes (as opposed to four). Just try not to spill it on your new suit from the Williamsburg J. Crew— fancy living comes with its challenges!

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