Brooklyn’s median rent went down by a whole $44 last month!

brooklyn rent
Brooklyn! Now 1.5% cheaper! via Flicker user Ryan

It seems like whenever we talk about the rent around these parts, there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth and shaking our fists at the heavens, because the rent, it’s always going up. Well let’s all put on our party hats and stop cursing an uncaring God for five minutes because Brooklyn’s median rent actually dropped last month. By $44. Hey wait where are you going, you could buy like two used XBox games with that kind of cash.

The word on the rent decrease comes from the Douglas Elliman rent report, which usually spells doom for us. This time though, it spelled savings, with north Brooklyn’s median rent going from $2,852/month in July down to $2,808 in August. $44 whole dollars of savings! Obviously that’s better than the rent in north Brooklyn going up by $440 and surpassing Manhattan rents, as the prophecy has foretold, but forgive us for not having a parade for the first rent drop in 14 months when it turns out to be so small.

One-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments actually got more expensive over the past month, with the overall mostly coming from two-bedroom apartments getting cheaper, dropping to $3,054/month from $3,250/month. Which is still expensive, but can kind of work if you get two couples to live together without having things get weird. Or let it get weird, it’s your cheap(ish) apartment.

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