Is Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct in Park Slope?

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Props to you, TV viewer

We’ve been enjoying Brooklyn Nine-Nine here at Brokelyn HQ (well, some of us have), despite it not having that mich to do with Brooklyn. Aside from some artisanal food crimes, the show is more concerned with cops goofing off and solving crimes than it is with any kind of Brooklyn-specific cred, down to not ever mentioning what neighborhood the 99th is in. But one sharp-eyed fan of the show noticed a map hanging on the wall of the precinct that locates it exactly. And the lucky neighborhood appears to be Park Slope.

brooklyn nine-nine

Over at Brooklynian, forum member Raulism theorizes that the precinct is in Prospect Heights because the exterior shots of the precinct use the house on Dean and 6th, and there’s a reference to the Prospect Heights Senior Home. But Raulism also put this map up, and when you look at a map, the precinct is on the west side of Prospect Park, not the east. That would mean the 99th covers the land of strollers and brunch. To which we congratulate the writers of the show for not relying on a lot of tired jokes about those subjects. Anyway, with that mystery solved, we can move on to the next one: when are detectives Boyle and Santiago gonna do it already?


  1. Anthony

    The map is of the real life 78th, which primarily covers Park Slope, but also parts of Gowanus and Prospect Heights (which is not to the east of Prospect Park).

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