Brooklyn WILL host a DNC in the future, vows Marty Markowitz

brooklyn dnc
It just won’t ever die. Photoshop of Chris Gigant’s photoshop by Curtis Glenn

With Philadelphia being the “lucky winner” of the DNC sweepstakes, we thought that Brooklyn was safe from political nominating conventions and their army of political nimrods wandering our streets. We (Brokelyn, specifically) even “danced a jig” according to the New York Times. Sadly, that touchdown dance looks like it was all for naught, because already political types are hyping up “DNC 2020 in Brooklyn,” crushing our hopes that we had driven the beast out for good.

Yes, like a horror movie villain who grabs you after you think you’ve finally killed him, the “Bring the DNC to Brooklyn” movement has gotten up off the mat and is already agitating for the next one. This time, it’s starting with former borough president Marty Markowitz, who told future Daily News owner John Catsimatidis “Sooner or later – and I believe sooner – they’re going to select Brooklyn,” according to the Daily News, predicting it could be as soon as 2020. He also bafflingly criticized a decision on where to place a political convention as being “political.”

So, it appears that another downside to the Barclays Center is going to be endless sequels of the fight to bring the DNC here, with diminishing returns until for some reason it’s all set in space for some reason. Plus that’s not even taking into consideration that eventually the Republican party is going to pretend they like New York City again and will try to come here. We’ll be here though, ready like Laurie Strode or Tommy Jarvis, to stand agains the beast and uh…say snide things about how we’d be unhappy if it happens.

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