Weekend to-do list: One Month of Hall and Oates Anticipation edition

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Events pulled from our Brokelyn events page. Don’t see yours listed? Add it right now!


DUMBO: Learn some photography basics with the $5 Fridays at Brooklyn Creative. 6:30pm.

BED-STUY: Establish the France-Brooklyn connection at Papier Francais’s opening night. 7pm

WILLIAMSBURG: Free jazz at Brooklyn Winery! 9pm.


PROSPECT HEIGHTS: See Cherry Blossoms (maybe) at the Botanic Garden’s festival. All day.

Prospect Heights: Singing, not shushing: Free a capella concert at the Brooklyn Public Library. 4pm

WILLIAMSBURG: It’s the year of the artisanal condiment! See what that means at the first annual Brooklyn Mustard Festival. Starts at 12pm.

BED-STUY: Take a tour of everything Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy have to offer (including free beer!) with the Total Bedford Hill Immersion. Starts at 12pm.

GOWANUS: It’s the babe with the power! This Labyrinth screening at Film Biz Recycling includes BBQ food, drinks and movie prop shopping. 8pm.


GOWANUS: See the hottest new designs from local college students at Gowanus Print Lab’s second annual design contest awards while eating BBQ and drinking free Brooklyn Brewery Beer. 1pm.

PARK SLOPE: It’s dancing, and it’s a workout: Free Masala Bhangra Dance Party at Dancewave. 6:30pm.

WILLIAMSBURG: See Don and the gang in action with Brooklyn Winery’s weekly Mad Men viewing party. 10pm.

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