Internet strangers you might ride home with this Thanksgiving

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No more bathroom stops!

In a perfect world, holiday travels would be free of carbon emissions, the stress of navigating Port Authority and the horror of gas prices at nearly $4 a gallon. But if your Thanksgiving plans require you to jump in a car, why not do it with a complete stranger from the Internet? It’s more cost-effective and you’re guaranteed to get a good story to tell ‘round the family table. Assuming your driver doesn’t turn you into stuffing before then. We perused the Craigslist rideshare section to see what types of drivers are opening up their passenger seats this holiday weekend. Here are a few of the most useful, mysterious and potentially hilarious rideshares available to anyone making a holiday pilgrimage. 


Going to JFK?
A free ride to the airport early Thursday morning, leaving from Williamsburg. Must be “gay/gay friendly.”

iPodding to Canada
A nice-sounding, stereo-challenged driver to take you north of the border to Montreal, leaving Wednesday afternoon from Brooklyn. Plans on “driving as directly as possible and chain-smoking,” requests use of your iPod due to busted stereo.

Smoke to Boston?
Someone wants to go to Boston today. Ad “offers smoke for ride,” so we’re not sure what they’re offering exactly, but “chill” people requested.

Personal Black Friday chauffeur
This person wants to cart around you and your HDTVs during Black Friday. The charge is by the hour, but the ad notes that waiting time is free! They can even make the midnight openings if you want.

VW Van headed to OccupyDC on Wednesday
The ad doesn’t mention this, but it might be worth seeing if a guitar and some Simon & Garfunkel tunes could cover part of the fare. Smoke for ride, anyone?

Anyone else looking for a ride share? Put it in the comments! Riding with a fellow Brokelyn reader is slightly less sketchy than riding with a craigslist rando.

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  1. Anyone going to south Jersey on Thursday morning? As much as I love my annual tradition of dodging pigeons while hungover at Port Authority, it would be nice to, you know, not do that.

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