Brooklyn is still affordable*

The new face of Brooklyn bargain hunters
The new face of Brooklyn bargain hunters

Despite its emergence as a real estate powerhouse that makes people openly weep as they look at the listings tacked up outside real estate offices, some people out there still look to Brooklyn as the affordable option for when you want to spread out and get a little room for your growing family. Of course, by “some people” we mean “high-wattage celebrity couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis” who have recently moved to Clinton Hill for more room for their family according to the New York Post. We didn’t mean Brooklyn is affordable for people like you or us of course, only an idiot would make that kind of statement.

The story of Sudekis, wealthy movie star, and Wilde, wealthy star of House comes courtesy of Page Six, and reads like a real life example of last week’s ridiculous Post story of how “Manhattanite muckity-mucks” are moving to Brooklyn because they’re finding the same amenities and luxury building for three times less than they pay in Manhattan.

In this case, Page Six spies noted that the couple, who sold their $4 million Meatpacking District apartment, have been spotted around Clinton Hill with their baby, where it just so happens, a $6.5 million mansion just sold on Clinton Avenue. So, our young budding family upgraded from merely a 2-bedroom luxury apartment to a 6,300 square-foot mansion that ran them $1,031 per square foot. That sounds like a lot of money before you consider that with Manhattan real estate going for $1,363/square foot, the same house would cost the couple $8.6 million across the East River. See? Affordable! Sure you could pay the Manhattan premium, but you can use that $2 million you saved and buy a giant yacht or whatever rich people buy. With bargain hunting prowess like that, it sounds like Brokelyn t-shirts might have a new celebrity endorsement or two soon.

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