25 gifts under $25 No. 19: A stylish Brokelyn t-Shirt

Being this handsome not guaranteed. Actually, never mind, we guarantee it.

What better way to spread your love of Brooklyn then by outfitting everyone you know with stylish digs from your favorite blog? The Brokelyn Apparel shop features an affordable selection of our premium logo tanks and tees designed and handmade locally by Brooklyn Royalty designer and Manufacture NY director Bob Bland.

Because people apparently don’t understand puns anywhere in the rest of the world, your giftee will get a lot of folks staring at their chest being like ‘Where’d you get that awesome Brooklyn shirt? Oh wait (double-take) “Brokelyn”?! That’s hilarious!’ Given this inevitability, we especially favor this green and orange racerback tank. Though, given that “everyone looks busty in it” maybe don’t gift it to your girlfriend or tween cousins.

This holiday season, give the gift that says “I may be broke but I’m still a stylish bitch!”  And if our endorsement isn’t enough, check out indie rock legend Ted Leo showing his off:

Ted leo brokelyn

 $10-$16 via Brokelyn Apparel

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