Here are the last Brooklyn State of the Union viewing parties of the Obama era

He gonna be all right. Via.
He gonna be all right. Via.

Tonight is Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address. Even if you’ve been skipping the last few years’ worth of speeches out of fatigue at hearing the same promises and the same only-root-for-the-home-team bipartisan applause, you should probably watch tonight. Obama is in the well documented national-shortage-of-fucks-left-to-give era of his presidency, so some stuff is probably gonna go down. Maybe he’ll say “folks wanna pop off” again, maybe he’ll say something actually significant about guns, maybe he’ll acknowledge that people living in the American cities matter as much as people living in middle America, maybe he’ll drop a Kendrick lyric. Either way, there are lots of State of the Union parties around Brooklyn and other ways to watch for free.


Amazon, YouTube and the White House website are all streaming the speech for free, and without dumb CNN instant-feel-o-meter or whatever running at the bottom of the screen.


If you’re Team Barack til you die, try out one of these official viewing parties throughout the city. Some of them are in the homes of Obama supporters, so it’s probably best that you only go to these if you’re hanging on Barry’s every word, not doing shots every time Paul Ryan looks like he wishes he still had that beard.


Bars showing the State of the Union include:

Pacific Standard, 82 Fourth Ave., Gowanus

Longbow Pub, 7316 Third Ave., Bay Ridge

Robert Bar, 104 Bond St., Boerum Hill

Harry O’s, 120 Lawrence St, Downtown Brooklyn

Banter, 132 Havemeyer St., Williamsburg (on the big HD projector with sound)

If we missed any, let us know in the comments.

Your local dive bar: A lesser known viewing party is often held in the corner of your local dive, where the neighborhood gadflies gather to yell at the TV and get very drunk. I often see this at Alibi in Fort Greene, but you can usually just ask your local dive to turn on the TV to the president. Check with your local dive bar for listings for more information.


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