Which Brooklyn neighborhood has the most native New Yorkers?

The NYU Furman Center is a leading innovator in urban policy with some of the most accessible, interesting, interactive data on New York City to be found. Their interactive information platforms, reports and infographics¬†include a Classification of New York City’s Sub-Borough Areas¬†based on if they’re gentrifying, non-gentrifying or higher-income, an analysis of poverty and its spatial concentration in the five boroughs, and most recently, data profiles of every NYC neighborhood.

The profiles, which focus on single or adjacent neighborhoods, include indicators ranging from the area’s racial makeup and population size, income, and unemployment rate to median rent burden, mean travel time to work and notice of residential foreclosures. There are also a number of less commonly cited local data including disconnected youth, households with children under 18 years old, foreign-born population and percentage of residents born in New York State. The data is ranked by neighborhood and cited over 10 to 16 years, from 2000 to 2010 or 2016.



Now, before we delve more deeply into the data, let’s clarify: the much-debated title of native New Yorker can technically refer to a person native to New York State, but if someone asks you, “Are you from New York?” and they’re clearly implying New York City, and you respond, “Yes, I’m a Native New Yorker,” when really you were born beyond the five boroughs, you’re not being truthful. So long as you’re in NYC, reading local NYC blogs and otherwise consuming and interacting with New York CITY-based content, native New Yorker (should) refer to someone born and bred in New York City. In terms of data for these neighborhood profiles, however, native New Yorker refers to anyone born in New York STATE, as clearly specified.

Now that that’s cleared up, here are the results: the Brooklyn neighborhood with the highest number of native New York Staters in 2010 is Brownsville, ranking in as the 6th most native New Yorker-ed neighborhood citywide. The Brooklyn neighborhood with the least native New Yorkers is Sunset Park, which ranked 52nd out of 59 neighborhoods. The most native New Yorker-ed neighborhood in New York City? The South Shore of Staten Island, Tottenville / Great Kills.

See where your neighborhood ranks:

52 – Sunset Park
47 – East Flatbush
45 – Coney Island
42 – Bensonhurst
36 – Flatbush / Midwood
36 – South Crown Heights / Lefferts Gardens
35 – Bushwick
28 – Crown Heights / Prospect Heights
25 – Sheepshead Bay
20 – Greenpoint / Williamsburg
19 – Flatlands / Canarsie
24 – Fort Greene / Brooklyn Heights
21 – Park Slope / Carroll Gardens
16 – Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights
15 – East New York / Starrett City
8 – Borough Park
7 – Bed-Stuy
6 – Brownsville


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