Drink free beer while you bid on dog art at this BARC fundraiser

Photo via The Takedown.

Perhaps you just moved into a new apartment, and your walls are looking pretty blank. Or say, you always wished for a puppy, but all you ever got were bed bugs. You know what would make you feel better? A framed piece of dog art. Not just any dog, though; a fantastical likeness of a dog astronaut playing the drums, or something!

Where could you find such a piece of wild and creative dog-centric brilliance? Maybe Etsy? A stoop sale? The trash? Actually, the vision of of your doggy dreams is waiting for you to win it over as the highest bidder at the Brooklyn Puppy Painting Takedown.

Drinking, dogs, art and charity will converge on Friday, August 26, from 8-10pm at Better than Jam, the Bushwick art studio and store, when artists come together to paint wacky pictures of dogs and then auction them off, with prices starting at $1. (Update: If you’d like to participate as an artist, email [email protected]) Free beer is provided for you to chug from 830-9pm, while the artists, who will have been painting and drinking since 7pm,  finish up their masterpieces.

All proceeds from the auction, which kicks off at 9pm, will go to the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition, (BARC), the Williamsburg animal shelter. At the end of the night, you’ll have a belly full of oat soda, a new dog painting, and a clearer conscience. 


Help baby doggies get adopted by attending this boozy, artsy fundraiser for BARC! Photo via @barcshelter on Instagram.
Help baby doggies get adopted by attending this boozy, artsy fundraiser for BARC! Photo via @barcshelter on Instagram.

The event is hosted by Matt Timms, an actor, filmmaker and trivia host who also stages nationwide “takedowns,” which tend to be food competitions; competitive puppy painting is an outlier. Timms will provide the artists with a 14×16 inch canvas, and free beer, but it’s BYO paint.

Past Brooklyn takedowns include the Ice Cream Takedown, which pitted home-made ice cream contenders against each other at the Bell House, and the Brooklyn Mac and Cheez Takedown, which, ditto, but for mac and cheese. Just yesterday, in fact, Timms staged the Brooklyn Homebrew Takedown, a drinking and eating competition held at Hill Country Barbecue in downtown Brooklyn.

If you can’t make it, but still want to help out BARC, you can make a donation here to sponsor one of the shelter’s adoptable animals.


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