The library gives free knowledge; this is the least we can do to give back

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Open these doors in person at 10 Grand Army Plaza and see for yourself why we need to keep them swingin’.

The Brooklyn Public Library is super broke right now. Like, the Central Library needs new doors kind of broke. To be fair, the doors are 70 years old, iconic and cannot be repaired — not an easy fix. However, the BPL is up for a $250,000 grant to get new doors (exact replicas of the old ones) through Partners in Preservation, a program from American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And just like many of us brokesters, the BPL will only get that money by winning a web-based election for it …. that they need you to vote in EVERY DAY until MAY 21. The library is in competition with a bunch of other projects, including the Guggenheim, the Coney Island B&B Carousel and the Apollo Theater.

But seriously, what better architectural element to preserve than the symbolic gateway to knowledge in our treasured borough.


Follow the campaign’s progress and tell all of your friends to vote daily!

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    • It will all come down to swing voters.

      Let’s spread awareness with a jamb session.

      Did you know that the library first tried to raise funds for the doors by accepting tips in ajar?

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