Brooklyn Public Library has money, is hiring librarians and other staff

brooklyn public library
This could be you! The librarian, not the kids. via Facebook

Hey, have you heard the good news? The library has more money in their budget than they had last year, according to a very excited press release. What it means for you is extended hours and more libraries open on weekends, if you’re the type of person who wants to hang out in the library on weekends. Having money though also means that the library is doing a bunch of hiring. Want to be a librarian? Want to be handle the library’s social media? Want to be a custodian? Well today is your lucky day, bub.

Proving that if you give them $2.8 million, the Brooklyn Public Library will spend it, the library is hiring about 25 to 30 staff positions, according to a library representative, with all of the jobs available listed on their website. While you might be a little under-qualified for the Chief Librarian position, if you’re fresh out of library school and looking to make an impact, you can apply for one of the “multiple openings” for a librarian position. Bonus: it’s a union job.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been to library school, there are still positions open to you. The library needs a good, experienced marketer to handle their digital footprint and let people know about cool stuff like their personalized reading list service¬†from librarians. They also need people to promote literacy to the very young and to adults, and among other jobs, they need a custodian, who they will pay $28,330 per year. Hands up those of you making that much money. Yeah, thought so.

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