The Brooklyn Pop-Up Market wants some outdoor vendors

brooklyn pop-up market
This could be you, but you gotta get out there and apply first! via Facebook

Spring is coming and so is summer, even if they’re a little stuck. They just are. That means of course, the return of Brooklyn’s many nice pop-up markets taking their rightful place in our storied vacant lots and playgrounds, with vendors hawking all sorts of nice handmade and vintage goods. Vendors like you, maybe? If that’s the case, you should get on your horse, figuratively, and apply to be a vendor at the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market’s outdoor space in Clinton Hill. After all, you can’t sell your handmade Han Solo/Luke Skywalker hybrid dolls if you don’t have a place to show them off.

You might remember the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market, which started last year in Crown Heights. Like you, they’ve survived yet another year (we at least assume you survived if you’re reading this) and so they’re looking to restock their outdoor market at 143 Waverly Avenue, opening on the weekend of April 4, with great vendors selling cool merchandise.

All you have to do is fill out this form right here and tell them a bit about your business and how much your stuff usually costs. You can also pick a few different options for your spot at the market: a VIP package of 22 dates for runs you $1500, four weekends of their choice will run you $600, a single weekend will run you $180 and a single date costs $100.┬áIf you specialize in garlic, than be sure to hit them up about the weekend of April 18 and 19, because they’ll be celebrating all things vampire poison at their Garlic Festival, and are looking to highlight any locally-made garlic products. Of course, if you don’t specialize in garlic per se and still want in, maybe you can just improvise a way to add garlic to your handmade vintage whatsis?

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