No team? A guide to BK’s pick-up games

Pickup soccer in Prospect Park every Sunday. Photo by Flickr's DiscoContinental.

[To bring you this comprehensive guide to pick-up games, Brokelyn turned to someone on the front lines: our friend Pete of BrooklynFans.com, a new site for BK sports fans to gather. Take it away Pete!]

A great way to trick your body into exercising this summer is through social and semi-competitive sports. Whether you’re looking to push yourself and see if ya still got it, or you’re just trying to re-create recess magic and feel better about that IPA you’ll pound immediately after. Brooklyn has an endless supply of pickup games, adult leagues, and tournaments waiting for you, most of which are free to join!

No sport can match the summer~y feel of beach volleyball, with sand between your toes and Kenny Loggins perpetually looping between your ears.

Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park has beautiful new courts with reliable weekend afternoon games and now a 7pm Thursday meetup.

It’s the most intimidating of all pickup sports for an outsider watching shirtless and sweaty trash talkers through chain links, but there are friendly, welcoming games around Brooklyn. And some good co-ed groups on the blacktop too.

Dyker Beach Park Sundays 1pm

Feel like league play? Free Brooklyn 3-on-3 hoops, each team just kicks $10 to the ref. Sign up this week by emailing [email protected]

A great choice for all of us who love the idea of cardio but get bored to tears by jogging.

Friendly, co-ed weekend games:
Grover Cleveland Park Saturdays at 3:30

Highland Park Sundays at 2:30

Prospect Park Parade Grounds, Field 7 Sundays at 2

SKILLED game, for soccer stars!
McCarren Park Wednesdays 8pm


Photo by Flickr's Retsu-flickr Takahashi.

Probably the best co-ed sport in the world, and not just because women seem to kick butt here, but because game rules are never altered for gender. Everyone just plays the game. Great combo of exercise and laughs with the newbie-accepting flatball culture.

Morning games in Prospect Park Tuesday-Friday 7am (weekends 9am)

Wednesday beginner-friendly game in Prospect Park 6:30pm

Sunday afternoon all skill levels game in Prospect Park 2:30

Monday night semi-competitive game at McCarren Park 7pm

Tired of “lockout talk” as the only football in your life? Do something about it! Grab a few friends, and get a Brooklyn team together for a two-hand touch league (warning: site is terrible) starting August 2 (Email [email protected] for more info if you can’t handle the internet vomit of their site).

Maybe you’ve always been curious while watching rugby, but you don’t look like Jason Statham and you don’t want to just yet. Would you try it if it were two-hand touch, like when you play football?

Sunday Sternberg Park, 2pm — check schedule first! This was the reliable spring game, but they’re in between seasons so confirm before you go.

A version of the sport that for generations has brought Brooklyn families together, there’s nothing like pulling out the mitts and throwing the ol’ ball around. Softball usually means coworkers and beer rather than dad with the kids, but it’s still sport on the classic American diamond.

Dyker Beach Playground Sundays at Noon … just take a glove!

Marine Park game Tuesdays at noon

Photo by Flickr's Vorago Joe

Is there a better sound than a perfect toe punch on a recess kick ball, that hollow, trapped-in-rubber thunderclap as the brightly-colored sphere wobbles over the infielders’ heads?

League play Tuesdays and Sundays: teams need guys and girls, so check the forums to see who’s drafting!

We aren’t able to check out each of these games for ourselves, so if you’ve been to any of them, tell us what they’re like in the comments! Which ones did we miss?

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  1. Lorin

    Thank you for this list. I played Ultimate Frisbee for the first time in a long time this morning – I’d been wanting to play sports in Prospect Park, but hadn’t been certain where to start. Now I know.

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