Occupy ball treat: A dog show for the 99% of pooches

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From last year's Mutt Show, via Petside

If there ever was a pet show that speaks to our own Brokelyn hearts, it’s got to be the Brooklyn Mutt Show at the Lyceum this Saturday and Sunday. Billed as the “fun alternative” to all-too-huffy-and-stuffy, 1-percenty Westminster, the event will judge dogs on categories like “curliest tail,” “looks most like owner” and “Mayor Mike look-alike.” And of course, it’s open to an egalitarian mix of canines, from adopted pups to breeder pedigrees,  honoring this great melting pot of a nation that we love, because who is some fancy judge to tell you that your puppy rescued from the shelter isn’t as handsome as a $500,000 lhasa apso? Entering the competition costs 25 bones ($30 at the door), but you only need to make a $5 donation to attend. It’s sponsored by Brooklyn Bark Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services, who will also be teaching classes on pet First Aid and CPR, along with other fundraising. Get the full details here.

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