Brooklyn loves pro wrestling, makes it expensive like everything else

Pop quiz: Wrestling superstar or guy you might run into at Hank's? via Facebook
Pop quiz: Wrestling superstar or guy you might run into at Hank’s? via Facebook

Maybe because everyone realized they actually do live violence, no matter how choreographed, maybe because it’s impossible to turn away when a guy is destroying a car with an axe or maybe because it’s not like it’s any more embarassing than telling the world you’re livetweeting The Bachelor, professional wrestling is having a moment in the sun once more. Coincidentally, SummerSlam and Monday Night RAW are coming here this month, and Brooklyn has responded the only way it knows how: by making tickets to the events ridiculously goddamn expensive.

According to The Street, the cheapest scalped, sorry we mean “resold,” ticket you can get for SummerSlam this year at The Barclays Center is $428.55. That’s Rangers playoff ticket-levels of excitement to watch Seth Rollins take on Trainwreck‘s own John Cena under the bright lights, and from the perilous seats, of the Barclays Center. Resold tickets for RAW the next night are going for $140.46, which The Street says is 18% more expensive than the next show in Tampa.

We’re pretty confident everyone buying up these tickets isn’t necesarrily from Brooklyn proper, since giant arenas like the Barclays Center exist to draw in people from the surrounding suburbs and boroughs, but enough of them probably are. It’s a nice indicator for future SummerSlams being held here, although that’s a double-edged sword too. On the one hand, it means more expensive wrestling tickets, which is bad. On the other hand, it means the odds of drinking with Dean Ambrose at Hank’s minutes before he has to get to the Barclays Center for a match definitely go up.

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