Someone’s suing the Barclays Center over its Seats of Doom

We're not gonna say we told you so. We're gonna shout we told you so. via the Barclays Center
We’re not gonna say we told you so. We’re gonna shout we told you so. via the Barclays Center

If you’ve ever been to the Barclays Center and sat in the cheap seats (which if you’re reading this blog, that’s probably where you sat), you probably noticed almost immediately that everything there is extremely precarious. The seats and stairs slope down on what feels like a 180 degree angle and the space between the rows is so small if always feels like you’re one misstep, drunk or sober, away from tumbling down the seats. That drunken misstep finally happened at a Billy Joel concert of all things, but instead of the person who fell suing the Barclays Center, the woman the falling man fell on is suing the Barclays Center.

The tumble down the Barclays Center cheap seat stairs that resulted in an alleged injury happened at a Billy Joel concert on New Year’s Eve 2013. According DNA Info, the lawsuit filed by Elizabeth Silver alleges a drunken concert attendee tripped when walking to his seat and fell an unnamed number of rows down onto Silver causing permanent injury.

The lawsuit alleges the company managing the Barclays Center is aware they have “an unreasonably unsafe, hazardous and dangerous seating design in the upper levels of the arena,” based on previous customer complaints about the seats. Also based on literally anyone with eyes who looks at the seats. Whether that eye test is going to be enough to convince a jury we can’t say, but the Barclays Center’s attorneys better hope the jury isn’t allowed to go on a field trip and stumble around the cheap seats themselves.

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