Brooklyn leads the world in female-led startups

Using this space to say you s should really be listening to the new season of the Start Up Podcast. Image via Facebook
You should really be listening to the StartUp Podcast. Photo taken by Charlotte Christophervia Facebook

Suck it Silicon Valley! (The place, not the TV show) Brooklyn has the highest percentage of tech start ups with female heads in the country. According to a recent analysis done by Crunchbase, the national average for start up tech companies with at least one female founder is 15%, Brooklyn on it’s own is thirteen points higher at 28%.

Women in the tech industry have had it rough. Besides harassment and dealing with workplace gender discrimination, it’s refreshing to see that women in the tech industry are on the rise anywhere, especially in Brooklyn. “There is no sense here of an old boys network that you feel excluded from,” Lexy Funk, founder of Brooklyn Industries told Fortune. Funk, who runs the Brooklyn branch of  the Entrepreneurs’ Organization also stated that Brooklyn has the biggest share of female heads in the national organization, at 30%.

The reasons for women entrepreneurs taking hold in Brooklyn could come from the idea that such social stigmas, such as motherhood are not as prevalent as they are in other  places with a large tech population. That along with the cheaper cost of office space, the ability to connect and network outside the Internet (shocking I know) and that New York has murdered the wage gap all play parts in women-led startups finding a place with more community and fairness than say, Silicon Valley (the place, not the TV show, we think.)

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