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Brooklyn Heights, get ready for Hillary

hillary clinton brooklyn
Hi, Brooklyn

Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn. It was rumored, it was obliquely referred to, her team pulled their hair out over the difficulties we all have with the Brooklyn real estate market, but now the time for rumors and feverish speculation is over because the Clinton campaign has signed a lease for a campaign headquarters spot in Brooklyn Heights, according to Politico.

If you’re scoring at home, keep in mind that Hillary Clinton is merely the second famous Hillary to decide to make a home in Brooklyn Heights, following Hillary Duff moving here as a marketing stunt for Younger.

Anyway, Politico reports that Clinton is going to be setting up her office space on two floors at One Pierrepont Plaza. It just so happens that her office space will be bordered in the building by Morgan Stanley and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, which is a really funny coincidence for someone seen as friendly to Wall Street and was previously experience in an administration that had trouble with following fundraising rules. Inspired by the youthful energy of the place, we hear that Clinton has already begun the search for someone, anyone, in Brooklyn to make a better music video than the last one supporting her candidacy:

This probably won’t affect your life much, unless you’re cursed with an interest in politics. In that case you can except a lot of argle bargle masquerading as insight into what this all really means, wrongheaded Beltway goofs making awful, dated jokes about Brooklyn and every Republican candidate making running against Brooklyn a big part of their primary campaign.

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