Free-vengers, assemble: Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

Worst. Post. Ever.

If you’re able to think of anything else than the borough-wide sadness listed below, please remember that tomorrow is the annual spring day of radness known as Free Comic Book Day. The first Saturday of every May when all comic book stores lure you in with a ton of free giveaway issues,. signings, author appearances and more. The books are printed specifically for Comic Book Day, and they are a perfect way to get into comic books if you’re staring at all those Avengers posters around town and wondering what the hell all those famous people are doing in cosplay.

But did you also know that we are quite lucky here in Brooklyn to have so many wonderful comic book shops to choose from, where in many parts of the country they have none to speak of? Many of them hold great events all year long, and only a few of them have that Comic Book Guy kind of snottiness. We’ll list them below for your convenience. But since we’re only apprentice comic book nerds, make sure to check this list from Topless Robot of the best and worst free titles this year (hint: Best = Star Wars/Serenity split book, worst = Burt Ward, Boy Wonder).

Brooklyn comic book stores

Bergen Comics, 470 Bergen St., Park Slope

Bulletproof Comics, 2178 Nostrand Ave., Crown Heights

St. Mark’s Comics, 148 Montague St., Brooklyn Heights

Northside Comics,  265 Lee Ave., Bushwick

Brooklyn Comics and More, 493 Seventh Ave., Park Slope

Galaxy Comics, 123 Seventh Ave., Park Slope

(I know I probably missed some so feel free to add them to the comments!) 

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