Brooklyn Flea’s new Williamsburg home is 50 Kent, opens May 4

brooklyn flea
Like this, but just a couple blocks north. via the Brooklyn Flea

While the Brooklyn Flea had announced the opening dates for its sprawling flea market empire a couple weeks ago, the one place that was missing was a Williamsburg branch. But now Williamsburg residents and Manhattanites who only think Brooklyn goes as far as Williamsburg don’t have to worry, because the Flea has announced their new Williamsburg location this year is 50 Kent. And vendors will be there as soon as this weekend.

If you’re one of those cranky neighbors in the big condos who didn’t like the Flea, you probably won’t care for this news much, since it means that the crowds will be moving just a couple blocks away. On the other hand, if you were sorta bummed by the fact that what was formerly known as Williamsburg Park was basically a concrete pit, the Flea, along with the roller derby and everything else planned for the park should bring some life to it, which is nice.

Either way, the Flea will start providing Williamsburg with its curated collection of items this Sunday at 10am, and every Sunday after that until the end of the season. At the very least, it’s something to do other than drunkenly lay in the park after eating brunch.

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