Brooklyn dogs Max out name charts

Today we name our pets "Pasta Batman," tomorrow, our children. Via TVRefill.
Today we name our pets “Pasta Batman.” Tomorrow, our children. Via TVRefill.

Coco, Jackson, Ripley, Phoenix, Atticus, and Prince. These aren’t names taken from a Park Slope first grade roster, they’re among the most popular dog names in New York. Just in case you were wondering how original or unoriginal your totally creative historically referenced dog name is, Dogs of NYC has sifted through the city’s dog license data to bring you the top ten dog names in various categories.

Max is the most popular name for male dogs, while Coco takes the top spot for lady-canines. Dogs of NYC also delves into some more nuanced categories, knowing that the minds of pet owners know no bounds. Among others, there are “Fashion Names” (Gucci, Armani, Prada, I’m sure can all fit into small purses), “Sports Names” (Kobe, Ali, and Shaq likely ironically given to small dogs), and “Drink Names” (there are 14 dogs in New York City named “Tequila”).

There’s also an interactive map (above) that locates dog density by name or breed, so you can find the small pocket of Brooklyn where dog owners opted for “Maximus” rather than “Max” or figure out how to avoid the protective dog owners who named their dog “Princess.” Dogs named “Prince,” however, will be more likely to don purple spandex as per their namesake.

Lovers of Dogs of NYC can also go so far as to make a t-shirt with their dog’s name and silhouette, along with a fact generated based on the name.

“Brooklyn,” of course, is popular as ever, with babies and dogs competing to see who wears it best.

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