Brooklyn crime map is a wonderful time wasting device

Brooklyn we go hard
Brooklyn we go hard

If you’re one of the people who have been saying that you’re eagerly awaiting a new crime spree to hit Brooklyn, if you want to see how murdery authentic your new neighborhood is or if you’re just bored at work, good news: there’s a new time-wasting map out there for you. SpotCrime is a public crime map that uses data culled from the police, public tips and news reports and then maps the data on GoogleMaps. The result you see above is all the crime that’s occurred in Brooklyn in 2013.

You can play around with the map and filter out certain crimes, and also check out the details on them. Like life itself, the crime details range from the depressingly mundane to just depressing (on the same night on Empire Boulevard, a guy was shot over an argument about a “borrowed” cigarette and someone else was “shot in the chest several times“). Of course, you don’t only have to focus on the shootings. You can also check out vandalism, robbery, assault and oh look, someone who got robbed because they didn’t lock the door of their apartment. If you get bored perusing crime data in Brooklyn, you can also see if your home town is on the map and remind yourself that you live somewhere real, unlike your friends who stayed behind in rural Pennsylvania.

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