PSA: Lock the damn doors, people

Oh hey, mind if we borrow your TV forever?. via Flickr user techpro12
Oh hey, mind if we borrow your TV forever? via Flickr user techpro12

Brooklyn is much safer than it was in days when Myrtle Avenue was Murder Avenue, we all know that. And while farmer’s markets and strollers everywhere can give the impression that we live in some kind idyllic bubble, Brooklyn is still, y’know, urban. There are 2.5 million people who live here and not all of them are going to be nice. Some might even rob you. So don’t, as the Post reports, make it any easier for them and leave your door unlocked.The 84th Precinct, which includes Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill and Downtown Brooklyn had fewer than three crimes a day in 2012. But of the 146 robberies that occurred there, half of them happened when some fool left the door unlocked. And this isn’t the only place it happens. It’s anecdotal, but when I used to live in the McKibbin Lofts, we had a brief robbery spree that happened because people left their apartments unlocked. And then they’d be shocked, shocked, to find out someone waltzed in and took their laptop.

So, just a friendly reminder: Brooklyn is not the suburbs, so let’s all lock our doors when we’re not home, and even when we are home. Especially if you live around the LIBOR Barclays Center. Wouldn’t want to come home to find a drunk guy in a Brook Lopez jersey rooting through your fridge, would you?

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  1. al fair

    don’t forget to actually lock it, also. just because the handle doesn’t move doesn’t mean it’s locked. i’ve know a few people, anecdotally, who were robbed because they just left the handle locked.

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