Brooklyn Craft Company wants you to come (craft) party with them

brooklyn craft company
You could make one of those adorable dog things! via Facebook

Feeling the need, the need to create? It can strike at any time, and if you don’t have a bunch of doodads and bits and yarn to make things with, you could find yourself driven crazy by the urge. We’ve got an outlet for those urges though, because the Brooklyn Craft Company (61 Greenpoint Avenue) is having a crafting party with nine different kinds of crafting projects this month, where you can glue, embroider and knit to your heart’s content.

The crafting party is being held on July 24 from 7pm to 10pm, so that the Greenpoint company can make some room in their closets for all new craft supplies for the fall. That’s not a big deal until you realize that the price of attending the party then drops from $85 to $45. What does your $45 get you? Nine different crafting stations, like yarn pom poms, nail art, embroidered cats and calligraphy (for the truly fancy), with all the supplies necessary to make your crafty masterpiece provided as part of the entrance fee.

So you get nine crafting stations and all the supplies you need at each one for $45, which means $5 per crafting station. If you’re good at even four of the crafts offered, that’s four cheap Christmas gifts this year. Plus there’s drinks too, which always helps creativity! So grab a ticket while you can, because there are probably plenty of people who need their needlepoint fix, and you’d hate them to beat you to the punch.

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