Brooklyn Brewery is looking for a bunch of people to sell some suds

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So you consider yourself expert at selling stuff, the kind that would survive Glengarry Glen Ross, except you wouldn’t be in that movie because you don’t even struggle at it like those dudes. If you’ve got a passion for sales, and you’ve also got a passion for beers, we have the kind of jobs for you, because Brooklyn Brewery is hiring people in the sales department to come spread the gospel of Brooklyn’s beer (and take people’s money).

You’ve got three different opportunities to get in with the company. For starters, they’re hiring a sales analyst, so if you’re good with modeling and making numbers work, this is the job for you. You’ll be responsible for things like looking at sales data and making sure things are going according to plan and noticing any threats to beer dominance, educating the company’s sales team on how to report and interpret sales data and even setting sales goals and rewards (please don’t make the second prize any month a set of steak knives). In the management sector, they also need a sales coordinator, who’ll be responsible for making the sales chain move along smoothly by doing things like getting business review presentation meetings ready and chatting with clients who come visit the brewery. The jobs require a 2 years of experience in sales analysis and sales administration respectively, and if you’re gonna be the sales analyst you also need a Bachelor’s degree.

Finally, if you’re a good face-to-face on the ground person, Brooklyn Brewery is also looking for a Greenmarket Wheat sales representative for their Greenmarket Wheat beer. You’ll be hitting the street and pressing the flesh on Wednesdays at the Union Square Greenmarket from 9:30am to 6:30pm and the Grand Army Plaza market on Saturdays from 7:30am to 4:30pm. Beyond having to sell people on the delicious beer that is Greenmarket Wheat, you’ll need a combination of brain and brawn to keep track of inventory, arrange deliveries with the Brooklyn Brewery home base and set up your market stand, which involves lifting up to 40 pounds.

Whichever of the jobs you want, shoot an email to jobs [AT] wit a resume attached and the name of the job you want in the subject line. And just remember: ABCD (Always Be Closing and Drinking).

There are plenty of cool jobs out there and you can hear about them in the weekly Brokelyn email!

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