Find a moment of zen: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is now free on weekdays

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You’ll still find plenty in bloom in the Botanic Garden throughout the winter. Via Facebook.

Two things are true right now: unseasonably warm temperatures are making this December a more tempting time to embrace the outdoors; and also the horrifying onslaught of news since election day makes you just want to stay inside and in bed forever. Don’t give in to the bed (all the time, at least). Your body needs fresh air and a walk in nature to center yourself and take a break from reading Twitter dot com every now and then.

You’re in luck because one of the best nature walks in town just became free for the winter: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is now completely free to enter on weekdays through late February. And there’s plenty to do there, even if the trees are in winter hibernation.

The garden is free during weekday hours, 10am-4:30pm (except Mondays), now through Feb. 28. Things you can check out this winter include: the Shayne Dark exhibit, a Smart Garden and, several indoor exhibits and more. You can see what’s in bloom before your visit here.

Even though the garden is in a busy section of the borough, sandwiched between Flatbush and Washington avenues, and it still can be a quiet sanctum to escape the noise of the city. Our recommendation: take a “self-care” day off of work to go check it out, then pop over to Sharlene’s (which opens at 1pm) on Flatbush Avenue for a hot toddy and some pinball afterwards. That’s some good self care right there.

The Botanic Garden has entrances at 150 Eastern Parkway, 455 Flatbush Ave. and 990 Washington Ave.

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