6 reasons to be at tonight’s BK Blogs meetup

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The internet, for all its wonders, has made us anti-social beings, confined to bedrooms in underwear (or jorts – Ed.) to scavenge and disseminate information, inside of submerging ourselves in the tangible world. It’s not a bad thing, of course – we can report, write and publish worldwide for barely a fraction of the cost or time — but it does mean we can feel a little cooped up. The solution: tonight’s Brooklyn Blogger meetup at the Bell House, a chance to meet your fellow bloggeratti, swap tips and business cards and plot a blogtopia future. Team Brokelyn will be there, so will our friends from FiPS, Brooklyn Based and the skint. In case you need some convincing, here are six reasons why you should come too.

1. It raises money for a damn good cause: The event costs $5, but 100 percent of the proceeds will go directly the Elisa and Nathan Bond, a Brooklyn couple who were both diagnosed with aggressive cancer within days of each other. The money will help pay for treatment and care of their 18-month-old daughter, Sadie. Read more of their story here.

2. The schmoozing will be amazing: You got all those fancy business cards printed with your blog name on them; what are you waiting to use them for? Last year, we left with a stack of new business cards, lots of new Twitter friends and plans to keep blog cooperation going in the future (This is a place where people actually want to get your card). You can buy tix at the door, but if you buy yours ahead of time, you can promote your twitter, blog name and any other site among this handsome list of bloggers on the event page.

3. There are drinks specials (obvs): A special Blogger Lager will be available on discount. Not sure what that is? Hint: it gets you drunk.

4. These are some pictures from last year’s meetup, at which you can see we aren’t kidding about the schmoozing, boozing good times. And we expect more fun pictures this year too. Do you have to be a big B “Blogger” to attend? Not really: even a Tumblr counts these days.

5. (Single bloggers only) There might be making out: Not guaranteed of course, but we’re just saying: there was making out last year. All that pent up energy blogging from home has to go somewhere, after all.

6. As Jeff Jarvis said last week, “If Manhattan is the center of publishing, Brooklyn is the center of the blogging universe.” According to Jarvis, there’s no place in the world with as much excitement, activity and journalism happening in blogspace concentrated in one borough. That alone is a reason to celebrate and encourage more!

Reserve your ticket now!

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