Brokerlyn: 8 studio apartments for well under $2,000/month

Studio apartments would seem to have a clear definition, and yet many listings attempt to play off “private bedroom” in a 20,000-bedroom apartment as “studios,” which they aren’t. Below, feast your eyes on 8 bonafide studio apartments, ranging in price from $613/month to $1,299/month, and courtesy of our listing service.

It’s no secret that living alone in New York is a costly luxury you will pay for, as opposed to tolerating roommates, but at least in the case of these units, the monthly rent isn’t crazy overpriced.

Sweet digs if you’re eligible

This income restricted unit isn’t even vacant, but you’re welcome to attempt hopping on the wait-list if you make between $22,903 and $26,720 a year; no guarantors.


Different unit and higher income requirements, same building as above. Also, this listing was posted more recently than the other one, so better luck with this unit – and no mention of a waitlist.

Perfect for Twin Peaks LARPing

That black and white tile is something else. There would appear to be a second story, but perhaps that staircase simply leads to a Log Lady shrine

The Red Lodge
Park Slope

Another Lynch-ian unit thanks to the asymmetrical red paint job and, less so, the tuxedo-like sink, this studio is, yes, decently priced for the area, dirty walls considered.

If you love loft beds here’s an apartment for you

Very quaint is putting it nicely, but if living alone is what you seek, and assumedly within a budget, this unit offers you all the necessities (and no, counter space is not a necessity).

Beach Haven Apartments is waiting for you

Two closets, no security deposit, in-building laundry and enough room in the kitchen nook for the fridge to chill with the oven. Gravesend ain’t no party town, but it is peaceful and bursting with community.

“Sunny filled”
Bay Ridge

Clean and cute and with genuinely decent natural light, this unit is allegedly 600 square feet, one of the largest in this roundup, and inside a coop building.

Income restricted but nice af
Columbia Waterfront

Another one with tight income eligibility guidelines, this unit is in a very nice, new construction building which features a gym, laundry and appears much more wheelchair accessible than most NYC apartment buildings.

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