Brokelyn chats mayo, puns, tourists and hipsters with the BBC

New York host Tara Gadomski checks her notes. Not pictured: The TARDIS I stole.

Up until this weekend, my only experience with what British people think of Brooklyn came from a trip through Salisbury, UK two summers ago, when a sotted but friendly Brit in a roadside pub asked where I was in from. His response came in a curious cockney: “Brooklyn! Is it very rough there?” Which made me laugh and laugh. Over the weekend, however, we got invited on BBC5 radio to talk up Brooklyn, visiting New York on the cheap and other local issues as part of Up All Night with hosts Dotun Adebayo and Tara Gadomski. We spent an hour answering Brits’ questions about NYC, and had to explain exactly what a “hipster” is, to which Adebayo responded: “I think the irony is lost on us here.” You can listen to it online here for the next six days (we come in at 53:22)!

Among the things that got a shoutout:

Punderdome, largely because the segment had devolved into a series of puns at one point.

The Way Station‘s TARDIS bathroom and monthly free burlesque and nerd cabaret.

Four for a dollar dumplings.

Alligator Lounge’s free-pizza-with-a-beer deal.

The free weekly Hannibal Buress comedy show at The Knitting Factory.



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