Red Hook

Brokelyn Bike Tour: Splashy Red Hook edition!

Red Hook, a neighborhood lost in time. Photos by Meghan Doherty.

It’s been a bit overcast, but Sunday is going to be sunny and eighty-motha-flippin-two degrees: What a perfect time to go on a bike ride together, for real this time. We’re going to a place where no subway dares to go, where only a bus (that takes forever), fisherman and cheap-furniture lovers venture. Sunday at 11am, come join me and the Brokelyn crew for a wonderful breezy bike ride to Red Hook. Never been? Here’s your chance! No money? Us too! Even if you’re saving the ride for a later date, check out our second installment of Brokelyn Bike Tour: Sunny, splashy Red Hook.

Things in your backpack: Water, swim suit, towel, $20
Round-trip distance: 7.46 miles
Difficulty rating: Easy (the map)

Biking is more fun with friends! Join the Brokelyn Bike Crew on Sunday, June 25 at 11am. We’ll meet at the gazebo on the west side of the Grand Army Plaza entrance (near Prospect Park West) to Prospect Park. I will have some Brokelyn gear. So I know how many cats to plan on, leave a comment below to RSVP!

The famous food trucks

Red Hook Ball Fields
Bay St btw Henry and Court (near mile marker 5 on the map)

YES! I know a lot of people have been here, but I know more people who haven’t yet. It’s a hub of amazing Central American food, where everything is under $10, with platters ranging from $5-$8. You can’t beat pupusas for $2.50, and my favorite Mexican-style corn on the cob for only $2. You just have to go. Have a foodgasm.
COST: $4.50 for me. $10 if you’re hungry.

Wait a half hour after eating, then go across to the street to…

The Red Hook Pool
Bay St between Henry and Court (near mile marker 5 on the map)

circus, and Baked
290 Conover St at Pier 44 then
359 Van Brunt Street

Apologies about the pool y’all. Turns out they open on June 29 (thank you, Sarah, for the heads up); which is absurdly late. Instead, you guys wanna go to a circus? On a showboat, no less? At the Waterfront Museum they have Circusundays. I chatted with them today, and they assured me it’s going to be a very sophisticated show this weekend, with a flat-wire walker, comedy, puppets and an aerial act. How many times do you get to go to the circus? And for only $10? It might be cutting into our Miller Lite fund, but afterward we can head over to Baked and get a chocolate marshmallow for only fifty cents! Sorry, Steve’s Key Lime Pies. You were the obvious choice.
Cost: $10.50

Bait & Tackle
320 Van Brunt Street at Pioneer St (btw mile marker 3 and 4 on the map)

Yes, this is the place that Anthony Bourdain went to when he checked out Red Hook. Not too groundbreaking, sorry about that. But with $3-$6 beers, I’m going to stretch the last of that $20 out for you. Also, if you’re lucky, they’re still rocking the $2 Miller Lite. You’ll have enough money in your pocket to enjoy a few beers with enough money to tip.
COST: $3-$15

THIRD STOP: DRANKS (remix version)
253 Conover Street btw Reed and Beard

I really really wanted to fit Sunny’s in, but it’s only open three days a week, and opens at 8pm. So, if you decide to rock the bike ride another day, with a friend or perhaps a date, please go to Sunny’s. It’s a great dive, with live music, and cheap beers. If it wasn’t supposed to rain on Saturday, I would treat you to some Sunny’s love. Next time.

Shortly afterward, this spidey balloon fell 5 stories and hit an onlooker.


End of Van Brunt (near mile marker 4 on the map)

When visiting Red Hook, you have the check out the view from the piers. Simply, bike from the bar, down Van Brunt St to the very end. You can go down Beard and check out the longer pier at Columbia. It’s lovely, great at sunset, and you can buy some cheap cheese and olives from Fairway on your way home.
Cost: free!

Don’t forget! You can join the first-ever official Brokelyn Bike Tour this Sunday, June 25 at 11am starting at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park.

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