Brokeland is a real place

Via Redbubble.

Brokeland is about to be a real place, and no it’s not in this coffee shop, these obscure neighborhoods (That’s What Sheepshead) or in this yoga studio, or even in that place called Bushwick that USA Today discovered this week. It’s in … Oakland, Kullyfornia. It turns out “Brokeland” is the name of a record store in Michael Chabon’s new novel Telegraph Avenue, due out Sept. 11. To launch it, HaperCollins is converting Oakland’s Diesel bookstore into a pop-up record store called Brokeland Records.

The store is going to have swag like bags and buttons. So consider this a call out to all you readers out in Broakland: someone please send your pals here on the Right Coast some of that Brokeland swag! We’ll send bagels in thanks.

The pop-up is a fundraiser for 826, which also has an awesome outpost in Park Slope. If you aren’t sure who Michael Chabon is, he’s that one novelist who doesn’t live in Brooklyn. Yet.


  1. racheld

    The main cause of my unproductivity over the past week has been total and complete immersion in Wonder Boys. It’s so good. Midnight disease… Evil alter ego destroying your life but creating interesting subject matter. I imagine only writers would appreciate it. Anyway, Michael Chabon is rad. And, as your attorney, we should totally have a trademark on all things with “broke” prefix. That concludes my totally irrelevant morning comment rant.

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