Oh, the prizes you can win at the Brokedown Throwdown!

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Are you funny enough to win a Pasta Boat?

Are you ready for Sunday’s “Yo Momma So Broke” contest at the Brokedown Throwdown at Public Assembly? Are you bringing your small budget and oversized wit for the Thunderdome of tasteless one-liners? We thought so.

And here’s a little something to sweeten the pot: the first place jokester wins a crazy-ass prize yo momma can only dream about. Our friends at Telebrands have supplied us with TEN As Seen on TV gifts that you can only win at the Brokedown Throwdown. The comic deemed the funniest by our audience will receive one of each of the following:

PedEgg: Microfiles that gently remove skin from your feet!  NO MESS!
One-Second Needle: Makes sewing seem like child’s play!
RoboStir: Lets you stir without actually having to stir!

WAIT! There’s more:

Plaque Blast: Freshens your pet’s breath instantly!
HeelTastic: Say goodbye to chronic cracked dry skin!
Chef Basket: Transforms itself for dozens of kitchen uses!

And if that’s not enough, there’s also:

Pasta Boat: Perfect pasta WITHOUT the hassle!
Windshield Wonder: Cleans and shines glass with plain tap water!
Aluma Wallet: Metal wallet’s compact size is great for men and women!
Supreme 90 Day: Fitness DVD pack. The bottom Line –RESULTS!

And that’s not all. The winner of our dance contest will receive two passes to six free adult classes at the Dancewave Center in Park Slope. We will also have a costume contest with a prize so awesome we don’t know what it is yet we can’t mention it here. See you on Sunday!

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