Bring your old-school video game skills to Union Hall on Monday

Mario was a stooge of the monarchy, actually. Fun game though
Mario was a stooge of the monarchy, actually. Fun game though

There is, basically, nothing to look forward to on Mondays. Even if your birthday is on a Monday, you’re more likely to do something the preceding weekend than expect people to enjoy themselves the day after the weekend ends. So aren’t we surprised to be looking forward to this coming Monday, when the skint and Union Hall join forces to provide three hours of free old-school video games at Our Princess Is In Another Castle.

Holy crap, really? Three hours of video games in a bar? Yep, you’ll have temporarily died and gone to Heaven, like those people who say they’ve been there have said. Except Union Hall will have people competing to see who can dominate old video games like Punch Out and Mortal Kombat instead of a bunch of boring angel crap. If you’re so confident in your abilities that you think you’ll win before you even see who your competition is, then you don’t even need to bring that much money. That’s because in addition to bragging rights and prizes, you can also win drinks for being good at video games. Finally, what you actually majored in in college pays off. It only took like, ten years.

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