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Humans of New York will hook you up with a family for the holidays if you have none

humans of new york christmas
These people are happy, maybe you deserve to be happy too. via Instagram

The holidays are here and it’s high time you got out of town and see your family, your terrible terrible family. Or maybe they’re nice. Failing that, it’s time to get together with some friends for a Christmas orphans party. What’s that, ALL of your friends are leaving town? Yeesh, bad luck. Good thing for you that Humans of New York will hook you up with a family celebrating Christmas who has a little extra room. And all for free.

HONY for the Holidays is an annual tradition that Humans of New York runs to make sure that no one has to spend Christmas alone at a White Castle, unless of course that’s what they want to do. Obviously you might feel weird asking the internet to take you in, but as they point out in the Instagram post about this, it’s mostly about circumstances conspiring against you. So, why not take advantage of an actual good thing the internet is offering and eat dinner with some strangers. Or host some if you want, as that option is open if you’ve got some extra space at your Christmas meal.

The whole thing is screened, so you don’t have to worry about eating with a mass murderer on either side of the guest/host equation, seeing as how that would definitely ruin the holiday experience. If you want in, just shoot an email to honyfortheholidays [AT] with a little about yourself and where in the city you live (they can only do NYC matches), with GUEST or HOST as the subject line depending on what you’re looking to do. And then remember your best table manners, like no elbows on the table and pouring shots of Old Grandad out for your hosts before you pour for yourself.

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