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Brewskee Ball Full Circle

Do you have the stamina to drink on too many weeknights, the fashion swag to rock a sports league t-shirt and the hand-eye coordination not to injure your teammates? Does your athletic performance improve with intoxication?

Maybe Skee-Ball is for you. Easier than pool and less dangerous than darts, Skee-Ball is pretty much the most fun bar game out there. You don’t need to be good to have fun, and you can hold a beer while you roll.

Give it a go this fall at Full Circle Bar’s Brewskee-Ball League, which offers eight weeks of booze-fueled sportspersonship and high-fivery starting on Monday, Sept. 28. Join by this Wednesday (Sept. 23) and you’ll get an early bird discount:$100 per person (normally $120) or $300 per three-person team (normally $360) through September 23.

What it Brewskee-Ball? An eight-week league meeting Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights, featuring weekly Brewskee-Ball games plus playoffs, league t-shirts, a free beer each week and shots to the team winning the match.

How does it work? Put together your team of three rollers (alternates OK), choose your night and come up with a punny team name (ex: Skee Amigos, Lane of Thrones, Brewsual Suspects). Sign up here or email [email protected] for more info.

Why should I do that? Cheap drinks! And more cheap drinks! You get a free round of shots for every match you win, and League rollers are eligible for drink discount cards, so you pay $80 for $100 of drinks and snacks or pay $150 for $200 of drinks and snacks.

What’s one more reason? You’ll have a shot at national glory. Players “from skee to shining skee” compete every year at the Brewskee-Ball National Championships, where the winners go home with thousands in prize money and “National Skee-Ball Champion” on their resume. The current title holders are from Texas and North Carolina. Help our borough reclaim the throne!

Wow. Got anything else? With Brewskee-Ball, anything that can be punned WILL be punned. While teams like Skee Amigos and Just Brew It are more fit-for-print, names from the past including Hepatitis Skee, Ball-skee Brew-tokomous, and If You Skee Something Say Something demonstrate next-level linguistic skills. Put that liberal arts degree to good use and name your team something that’ll make Mark Twain proud.

OK, I’m in. Where should I show up? Wednesday, September 23 is the Kickoff Jamboree, including an open bar from 7-9 (Genesee and Magic Hat beer, Deep Eddy vodka), free Skee-Ball all night and a “Funnest Flannel” contest for a bar tab. Skee you real soon!

Brewskee-Ball in action.

Brewskee Ball 2015 schedule

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