Brawling babes with booze: 5 reasons not to miss the Ladies Arm Wrestling Tournament

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Wanna see some girls get into nasty bar brawls for a good cause? You’re in luck! 5 Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling (5 BLAW) is holding its annual championships at Public Assembly in Williamsburg this Saturday, and it’s free to watch. There will be theatrics galore as eight lady arm-wrestlers compete in a round-robin style tournament complete with an MC, referees, heckling, celebrity judges, performances, culminating in a dance party, all in the name of feminism and charity. Find out more reasons why you should go, and marvel at my use of alliteration.


When is the last time you got to watch a bar brawl without worrying that someone might end up in the hospital and/or jail? Theatrical debauchery in the vein of pro-wrestling is the modus operandi at this event. Ladies with biceps of steel attempt to take each other down in two rounds + a final showdown.


All the competitors have an alter ego (e.g. Tom Bruise, Sister Mary Slaughter, Peter Pansexual, Plunder Woman) as well as an entourage (also dressed to theme) whose job it is to get the crowd riled up and raise money for their competitor.


Legal (or at least socially acceptable) gambling! That’s where it’s at. Throughout the night, each wrestler’s entourage collects bets for that wrestler. Each dollar bet buys a raffle ticket and the raffle is eventually drawn from the winning wrestler’s pot.


All proceeds for this event will go to a charity: Brooklyn Community Pride, a center that provides support LGBT individuals and families in Brooklyn with a safe space, mental health services, recreation, and information.


What better way to end a night of down and dirty fighting than with a big dance party with a rad DJ?

This all happens Saturday night at 10 pm at Public Assembly. Be there and support ladies rights to bare arms, have a good time, and help a good cause in the process.

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