Brass ball: Honk NYC spreads street band love around NYC

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Batala NYC will be one of many marching bands making noise this week. via Facebook

If you hear the sounds of squawking horns around New York this week, don’t panic, you aren’t going crazy. You’re (probably) hearing one of the many marching bands taking to the streets this week, as part of Honk NYC!, a celebration of street music and it’s many loud forms. Of course, if you hear honking and don’t see any marching bands around, you just might be going crazy.

The overall point of Honk seems mostly to be to appreciate just how many marching bands exist in New York and elsewhere. Bands like Hungry March Band, Batala NYC, PitchBlak Brass Band and many more. Of course, the best way to appreciate them is to go see the marching bands play and get you all wound up. Despite taking place all over the city, the marching band extravaganza is kicking off in Brooklyn, because we’re so great, with a parade tomorrow that starts at 6pm at Mission Dolores and winds its way to Littlefield for an opening night dance party.

After that, Honk will spread around the city, with events in the Village, Staten Island, but plenty more in Brooklyn, including a celebration at the beginning of Friday’s opening of Gowanus Open Studios. Also be sure to check their Twitter and Facebook for other events popping up, and remember: you can never get too excited about giant brass bands making lots of noise.

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