Boo-yah! You’ll be able to get ESPN without cable soon, for $20/month

espn streaming
Now you can see endless First Take arguments about whether Joe Flacco is elite, on your laptop.

Hey sports fan, are you too broke for cable but still want to see the big game in the privacy of your home where you can weep and curse in peace? Are you also morally opposed to those illegal streaming websites that fill your computer with malware? Well, your days of being a sucker are almost over, because ESPN, like HBO before it, is finally coming to your internet with a streaming option separated from cable.

This is great news for every sport fan except for hockey fans, because ESPN still refuses to act like hockey is a sport worth paying attention to. For the rest of you though, it’s pretty sweet news that ESPN is going to be part of Dish TV’s new $20/month Sling service, an online-only collection of cable channels that also includes CNN and the Food Network. Sure, we imagine there are big fans of Chopped or Don Lemon (well, definitely Chopped) this will appeal to, but at least to start with, ESPN is clearly the big fish in this offer.

That being said, maybe we shouldn’t sign up for Sling TV, because ESPN allegedly has an out clause if too many people sign up for it, since that’s allegedly a threat to ESPN’s existing business model. So much for smashing the TVarchy anytime soon. The other big question is when exactly this will officially start, as right now the only word is that it’s going to start “soon.” We’ll hold out hope that it starts by baseball season, so that we can our Baseball Tonight fix and games three times a week.

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