What are all those blue-and-white cars you keep seeing in Brooklyn?


[sponsored_by name=”car2go” url=”http://bit.ly/1wMRgMI” logo=”http://cdn.brownstoner.com/app/uploads/2014/09/Car2go_logo-current.jpg” byline=”car2go will get you to where you need to be: just take it, drive it, park it. It’s fun, saves money and helps the environment.” attribution_name=”BlankSlate” attribution_url=”http://www.blankslate.com/”]

They’re hard to miss — these blue-and-white cars you’re starting to see all over the borough, each roughly the size of one of Shaq’s shoes. So what’s the deal? Whose cars are these? And how can you get your hands on one?

Rest easy — there is no threat of a leprechaun invasion (that we know of). The cars belong to car2go, the point-to-point car-sharing service that has revolutionized the way city dwellers get around, from Miami to Milan… and now in Brooklyn! It’s a brilliant concept: when you need a car, you just find one nearby, get in, and drive to where you want to go. When you’re done, you just park it in a legal parking space, and you’re done. You pay only for the minutes you drive it.

All you have to do to get started is to sign up. For a limited time, registration is free, plus you get 30 free minutes of driving time (just use the promo code “BKLYN”). That’s 30 free minutes of drive time you can use to run an errand, commute, or get to those areas of Brooklyn that are off the beaten path. Check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking.